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This is my first visit to the IDEXX Learning Center—how do I register?



  1. Click Sign in on the upper-right corner of the screen

  2. Complete the Create an IDEXX account form and then click Create account. A registration confirmation email will be sent to the email account you specified

  3. Open the registration confirmation email and click the link to sign in to your account (use the email and passphrase you chose in step 2)

  4. When prompted, find/enter your business or school by name so that you and your organization can take advantage of all of the features of the IDEXX Learning Center.


When you visit the IDEXX Learning Center in the future, click Sign in and enter the email and passphrase you chose in step 2.


Is an account required to use the IDEXX Learning Center?

An account is required for full access to the IDEXX Learning Center. There are many benefits to creating an account and completing your profile, including the ability to:

  • Register for seminars
  • Register for webinars
  • Access online courses
  • Receive Continuing Education (CE) credits


Is the IDEXX Learning Center free to use? 

Yes, all courses, webinars, and seminars available on the platform are free.


North America Customer Support:

Monday–Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. ET

Phone: 1-888-943-3993

Online: https://www.idexx.com/en/veterinary/contact-veterinary/contact-idexx-learning-center-support/


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